About the farm

Moon Gate Farms offers a unique camping experience in Roberts Creek, BC.

You can bring your own camping gear or relax in a pre-set tent. Either way, you will find yourself surrounded by unspoiled wilderness. While located in a remote part of Roberts Creek, the campground is just a 10-minute drive from beaches, restaurants, and hiking trails are steps away.

We have two big gardens full of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Campers can enjoy the garden by walking through the flower and vegetable beds.

Moon Gate Farms is an ideal getaway for couples, hikers, cyclists, birdwatchers, or anyone looking to escape into the wilderness. Group bookings are welcome and canine campers are also invited.


Meet our Friendly Guardians

Welcome to our glamping and camping retreat, where you’ll find yourself greeted by our beloved pair of majestic black dogs. These two, Bruno and Bo, are the guardians of our grounds, announcing your arrival with hearty barks that echo through the trees. Don’t be alarmed by enthusiastic greeting- they may sound imposing, but their hearts are pure gold. Meet them, and you’ll discover their favorite pastime is seeking out belly rubs and ear scratches from our guests. They love nothing more than making new friends and ensuring everyone feels at home in our wilderness oasis. So, come and experience the warmth of our hospitality, accompanied by the cheerful presence of our furry companions who are eager to share your adventure.